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Speeding Up Your Computer

A slow computer can be frustrating since it can seem impossible to get anything done. While buying new parts or even a new computer may seem like the only way to start enjoying your computer again, there are some alternatives. There are a lot of small maintenance tasks that can drastically improve your computer’s speed.
If you don’t feel confident trying to implement the below repairs yourself, please feel free to contact PC Repairs Brisbane for help. Our technicians will not only perform the tasks but walk you through what they’re doing in plain and simple language.

Tips on how to speed up your computer

Delete unwanted files

Note: This does not mean you should delete system files, as these are vital to running your computer. Only delete files that you have created yourself, such as images or word documents. Files that you create but never use clog up your computer and can slow it down. Seriously consider if you have any files you are unlikely to ever look at again. Files that you have created such as documents and image files can be safely deleted by locating the file on your computer, right clicking on it, and choosing delete from the menu. If you are unsure of what the file does, do not delete it. Keeping your computer organized is a great way to speed up your computer.

Delete hidden junk files

Hidden or temporary files are created when you browse the Internet, open files, and install programs. These files operate in the background and likely without you knowing they’re there. You will have to learn about managing these files if you want to speed up your computer yourself.

Remove unwanted programs

A lot of web sites and programs prompt you to install something else to make that program run. It can be hard to tell what is really essential and what isn’t. All those software programs are taking up space, and may even by checking for updates, connecting to the internet, and starting up when you turn your computer on. To avoid slowing down your computer it’s worthwhile removing any unwanted programs you’ve installed.


When you install programs and save files on your computer, the files are automatically saved to the closest available space on your hard drive, fragmenting them. De-fragging your computer essentially means putting the files back together and organising them by usage.

Check and upgrade RAM (Random Access Memory)

Upgrading RAM can significantly improve your computer’s performance. Check with the computer’s manufacturer or call PC Repairs Brisbane for details about the optimum RAM requirements.

Disk CleanUp

Disk CleanUp comes free with Windows and will get rid of the rest of the junk files that you have missed. To access this program go to start menu>accessories>system tools>disk cleanup.

Update programs regularly

Every program on your computer will need regular updates. Even programs that are running perfectly need to be updated. Ignoring updates will lead to problems.

Close programs not in uses

One of the simplest tips is not to overwork your computer. Try to close programs when you are likely to be done with them for the day.


As technology improves, files get bigger, and after 3-5 years your computer may not have the capacity to run them efficiently anymore. If you need a fast computer consider replacing it every 4 years.

Need Help?

While there are many things you can try yourself, sometimes you need to call in the experts. Every day we fix problems ranging from maintenance and repair, to new builds and set-ups. Our technicians are expert at diagnosing performance issues and will generally be back out the door in less than 2 hours. Our specialty is the tailor-made advice we give you on how to keep your computer running as efficiently as possible. So if you need same day, quality onsite computer repairs then Contact Us now.

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