Data Backup and Data Transfer

File Transfer and Data Backup There are just some things you can't replace. Whether it is family photos, music, files or important documents, the last thing you want to do is lose them. We know what it takes to create secure data file backups and transfer them to your new PC to ensure your information is safe.

Computer Backup Options

Get a second hard disk

You can install a drive that's just as big as your existing hard disk and then copy, or mirror, all of the data on the second drive. Hard disk prices have dropped considerably, and mirroring a disk makes it easy to replace lost data. But keeping all of your backup data on the same system leaves it vulnerable to the same problems that might affect your primary hard disk.

Defrag to speed up your computer

Are you one of those people that constantly download programs and install them onto your computer? Every software program you have on your computer is taking up space. It is not only taking up space, but it might also be checking for updates and connecting to the Internet. It also might be starting up when your computer starts up. There are so many good reasons why you should remove unwanted programs.

Use an online backup service

These services allow you to upload your data over the Internet to remote servers if you need to restore lost data, you simply log on to the backup service and download your files. Internet backup services offer several benefits: they're cheap, easy to use, and very reliable. But Internet backups can be slow, and you'll need Internet access to retrieve your backup files. You should never rely only on Internet backups; data safety, if the company storing your data goes out of business, your data might vanish too. Note: If you don't feel confident in data backups or file transfers, please feel free to contact PC Repairs Brisbane. Our technicians are trained and can advice you about backing up data and put procedures and equipment into place to perform backups - we are only a call away.

Data Backup Procedures

Full backups

This is a complete set of all of the data you want to back up. You'll want to keep a current backup of your entire system around, but you don't need to do these daily, as most of your files don't change every day and full backups are time-consuming.

Differential backups

This is the set of any files that have changed since the last full backup. These backups take less time and space than a full backup, but more than an incremental backup.

Incremental backups

This is the set of files that have changed since the previous backup (whether it is a differential, incremental, or full backup). These backups take the least time and space, but in the event of data loss you'll need to restore data from several backups (the last full backup, the last differential, and all the incremental backups since the last differential) and restore them in precisely the correct order.

What PC Repairs Brisbane can do for you

What files to transfer or backup

Determine the files and data you want backed up from your system or transferred to your new computer

Actual transfer or backup of files

Help you backup of your personal data to a storage device (i.e. external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc.) or transfer it to your new computer.

Setting up Backup procedures

Setting up backup software on your computer and walk you through the process of maintaining backups to prevent data loss in the future.

We are just a call away!

PC Repairs Brisbane receives calls every day from people that need advice about backing up their data or to put procedures and equipment into place to perform daily, weekly and/or monthly backups. Our technicians will help you to prevent data loss in the future or make disaster recovery of your business computers easier and less time consuming. So, if you need same day, onsite computer backup services in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast then contact us on 04­-0375-5519.

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Li, Brisbane

Thank you very much for recovering all my photos and music files. I thought I lost it all.

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